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Responsive, beautiful books.

Bookiza is a lightweight book reification framework that cuts down your book-writing time by half. Manage your manuscript like a champion. Publish once and it will be available everywhere.

Bake your book with all the goodness of the web that you've ever wanted!

VERSION: 0.0.18


node, gulp, shelljs, git-scm and a unixy-style shell or the terminal app.

To install:

$ npm install bookiza -g

Check installation with:

$ bookiza --version

Register client with:

$ bookiza register

It will ask for your bubblin credentials and connect bookiza to its sweet POST API. You're all set … 😇

To start a new book My-Awesome-Book-Name :

$ bookiza new My-Awesome-Book-Name -l 12

Creates a new project with 12 fresh leafs (24 pages) inside manuscript/ folder.

cd into My-Awesome-Book-Name , and:

$ bookiza server

It will 🔥 up your manuscript at http://localhost:4567 and watch for changes!

Open project on your favorite editor (Sublime / Atom), write away!

Once the book is ready, hit:

$ bookiza publish

Boom!, your book is live online.

Help is available with:

$ bookiza --help

Full documentation is available at


The future of e-books

— Paul Singh, Results Junkies / Brickyard / 500 Startups - Washington DC

The most beautiful implementation of a book in browser that I have ever seen…

— Craig Mod, MacDowell fellow / Flipboard - New York

Just love the way it brings books to life!

— Craig Leat, The ASI, South Africa

Simple & efficient

Optimized for writer happiness! Manage your manuscript like a pro and see changes go live in realtime.

Hit $ bookiza publish!

Insanely powerful

Kickstart $ bookiza new MY-BOOK --leafs 40 and BOOM!, your book has struck ground and is good to go already!

Supported everywhere.

Version control

Bookiza uses git-scm internally to track your changes. Use simple git commands to version your work and collaborate.

Developers, designers, writers -- together!

Quick layouts

FREE & responsive templates for layouts. Focus on your story, with style! Or hire a CSS artist, start a new kind of journey.

Comics, novels, magazines -- anything.

Designed for future

Use JavaScript inside your book to add insanely beautiful visuals. Plot an earth-shattering story and root for success!

Hey, your book is a Single Page App!

Bubblin' with flavors

Comes in multiple flavors -- choose from markdown, haml, pug, sass, less or stylus to suit your taste. Or write in plain HTML.

See preprocessors.

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