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Responsive, beautiful books on web.

Bookiza is a lightweight book reification framework for the smart writer. It manages your manuscript efficiently and cuts down your book-writing time by half. Publish straight to web once and your work will be available to everyone on the planet.

Bake your book with all the goodness of the web!

VERSION: 1.0.0-beta.0


node (>=8.11.3), gulp, shelljs, git-scm and a unixy-style shell or the terminal app.

To install:

$ npm install bookiza -g

Check installation with:

$ bookiza --version

Next, register client with:

$ bookiza register

It will ask for your bubblin credentials and connect bookiza to its sweet POST/PATCH API. You're all set … 😇

To start a new project My-Awesome-Comics :

$ bookiza new My-Awesome-Comics --leafs 12 --template comics

Creates a new project with 12 fresh leafs (24 pages) inside manuscript/ folder along with a layout template for comics. Boom!

cd into My-Awesome-Comics , and then:

$ bookiza server

It will 🔥 up your manuscript at http://localhost:4567 and watch for changes!

Open project on your favorite editor (Sublime / Atom), write away. Once the book is ready, hit:

$ bookiza publish

Boom!, and now your book is live on web.

Complete vocabulary is available with:

$ bookiza --help

Or read documentation at


The future of e-books

— Paul Singh, Results Junkies / Brickyard / 500 Startups - Washington DC

The most beautiful implementation of a book in browser that I have ever seen…

— Craig Mod, MacDowell fellow / Flipboard - New York

... every bit as interesting as it could get!

— Judith Monica Neumann, Writer Programmer Teacher - Buenos Aires

Simple & efficient

Optimized for writer happiness! Manage your manuscript like a pro and see changes go live in realtime.

Hit $ bookiza publish!

Insanely powerful

Kickstart $ bookiza new MY-BOOK --leafs 40 and BOOM!, your book has struck ground and is good to go online.

Supported everywhere.

Version control

Bookiza uses git-scm internally to track your changes. Use simple git commands to version your work and collaborate.

Developers, designers, writers -- together!

Quick layouts

FREE & responsive templates for layouts. Focus on your story, with style! Or hire a CSS artist, start a new kind of journey.

Comics, novels, magazines -- anything.

Designed for future

Use JavaScript inside your book to add insanely beautiful visuals. Plot an earth-shattering story and root for success!

Hey, your book is a Single Page App!

Bubblin' with flavors

Comes in multiple flavors -- choose from markdown, haml, pug, sass, less or stylus to suit your taste. Or write in plain HTML.

See preprocessors.

Help & Support
Available on Github!